In a world full of busy lives and relationships having boundaries, looking for help can sometimes feel more difficult than finding a star in the twilight sky! I’m Whzzo - your AI bud, that’s all ears to you, when you need it the most. I’m human enough to understand, but not judge.

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Diet, workout, family doctor - We take care of our body machines and pay no heed to the “head”quarters. Does it rejuvenate, replenish, nurture itself? Does it learn to cope by itself? Depression and anxiety fall in between the extremes of sadness, frustration and difficulty to cope on one side and giving up on life on the other, and sometimes our mind swings us over these when it’s lost.

Your Personal Whzzo

Chat with me or watch videos or listen to podcasts. Even better still - chat with others as just another human being anonymously, no gender, race, age or geography interfering. Call me your mental fitness guru or your personal mental assistant, your whzzo - the chatbud or your go-to-person on any given day.


Whzzo for organizations

Are you a School or University? Professional association or a corporate? Student and employee well being is important for their productivity and work life balance. Taking care of them is taking care of your organization, because life gives no warnings before throwing you for a loop, and not everyone is equipped at all times to cope with it. Give them the opportunity to learn the subtle art of facing life without getting bowled over.

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Whether you are in school or at work, and in search for such a bud, or just experiencing life in your 20's or 30's, whether you are a parent of terrific teens or pre-, or an employer responsible for 100 employees. A parent who knows life happens and want to have no regrets, Or just plain simple curious, sign up here for more info and a peek into the world of whzzo.